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Who can access reading rooms of RLS

Access to the reading rooms is provided for visitors of the age of 18 and above. Researchers and professionals with higher education are admitted to the reading rooms with no restrictions. All the other categories of visitors are admitted according to the library's capacity (seats, book transporting facilities etc.) and on the condition that the required publication(s) is/are unavailable in other libraries (municipal, specialised etc.).



Virtual reading rooms of RSL



You can access a virtual reading room of RSL from many local and municipal libraries in over 80 cities of Russia and in some countries of CIS. Virtual reading rooms provide access to digital collection of dissertations in RSL.


Reading rooms of RSL (full list)

Reading Rooms of the Department of Library Services

Rooms for access to catalogues

Computer room for access to Digital Catalogue

Computer room for access to the digital library

Computer room for access to the Internet and digital stock

Reading Rooms of the Central Reference Library at the department of references and bibliography

Self-service computer room at the reference and bibliographic department

Reading Room for the recent acquisitions of foreign and Russian editions and serials

Reading room for the recent periodicals

Reading rooms for public state and regulatory publications

Reading room for the Russian Literature abroad

Reading room for library science, bibliography and book studies

Reading rooms for the department of manuscripts

Reading rooms for music publications and audio records

Reading room for publications in visual arts

Reading room for cartographic publications

Reading room for rare books (Book Museum)

Reading rooms of the Centre of Oriental Literature

Reading rooms for the department of dissertations

Reading room for the department of newspapers

Reading room for the literature collection «FOU»

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