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Reading room for rare books (Book Museum)

Number of seats: 18
How to find us: Vozdvizhenka str., 3/5, Building G, Entrance 3, 3rd fl., room G-405
Opening hours: Mon—Fri: 10:00—18:00
Please mind the updates of opening hours

Tel.: + 7 (495) 622-86-79

Here you can:

  • access the items unique for the department (copies are provided when available)
  • access the Digital Catalogue of RSL, card catalogues and indexes of the department for the information on items in stock
  • refer to a bibliograpfer for operational advice on search and selection of sources, details and facts related to an item and subject-related selection of items
  • to access items on displays, including recent acquisitions
  • on approval of administrative personnel to bring printed and typed editorial documents, layouts, proofs, photo prints and slides, into the reading room
  • on approval of administrative personnel to bring and use unplugged devices with sounds switched off, such as laptops, voice recorders, audio players, audio and video devices (except CD and DVD players)
  • use library computers and software to access the web-site of RSL and its resources, including digital library and Digital Catalogue
  • make inquiries on the opening hours of RSL and the reading room and forthcoming event


  • have items copied in accordance with 'The RSL Rule for providing copying, micro-copying and scanning services'
  • retrieve dedicated bibliographic and factual references and/or subject-related selection of sources based on the referential and bibliographic apparatus of RSL, in case a patron would like to outsource work with catalogues, reference and bibliographic sources

The full list of fee-based services of RSL

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