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Journals and magazines

(Library and Information Science)
  Observatoria Kulturi
(Observatory of Culture)

'Bibliotekovedenie' ('Library and Information Science') is a full-colour illustrated journal on research and practices in the field of library management and book trade considered along the dimensions of informational and communicative culture... read more



The journal addresses specialists in history, theory and modern state of culture as well as the general public interested in Russian and international culture and art in modern world: events, achievements and challenges in these fields... read more


Vestnik Bibliotechnoj Assamblei Evrazii
(Herald of the Library Assambly of Eurasia)
  Vostochnaya Kollektsiya
(Oriental Collection)

A research and practical journal of not-for-profit partnership of Library Assembly of Eurasia and RSL... read more



This RSL periodical is addressed to those taking interest in oriental studies. It covers history subjects, essays on culture, recent translations and travelers’ accounts, book reviews and annotations of topical sites in different languages... read more


“Newsletter of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions” Journal
  Mediateka i Mir
(Mediatheque and the World)

A research and practical periodical issued by Russian State Library. The only in its class in Russia it updates on IFLA and its international partner organisations’ activities, UNESCO being one of them... read more



'Mediatheque and the World' is a full-colour illustrated magazine on innovative ICTs in library practice. Its goal is to maintain information exchange between libraries and promote cross-cultural connections between libraries in Russia, CIS and the world... read more


Bibliotechnoe Delo – XXI vek
(Library Science — XXI century)
  Kniga v Prostranstve Kul’tury
(Book in the Space of Culture)

Full-colour collection of research and practical works; a supplement to the Bibliotekovedenije (Library Science) journal. It contains mostly articles on library practices in Russia and abroad, analytical works in library science and presentations of new information sources... read more



A full-colour illustrated serial collection of publications in theoretical and applied library science, issued as a supplement to the ’Library Science’ journal. It covers history of book culture, book as a work of art, libraries and celebrity bibliophiles profiles, book collections, the challenges book publishing has currently faced etc... read more


Preserving the heritage: challenges and solutions. Materials of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)   Biblioteka v epohu peremen
(Library in the era of transformation)

The series updates on the activities and documents of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), non-governmental international organisation. It publishes records and reports of its committees, congresses and conferences, documents of World Heritage Committee and updates for World Heritage List... read more



This interdisciplinary digest series pursue primarily educational and information goals and  address librarians seeking to improve their performance and stretch their professional capabilities... read more









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