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Chief Editor of the Bibliotekovedenie Journal


Alexander Yu. Samarin

Deputy Director General for Research and Publishing,
Russian State Library
Tel: +7 (495) 695-56-08, +7 (499) 557-04-70, ext 22-71

E-mail: bvpress@rsl.ru

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

In 1995 graduated from the historical faculty of the Moscow State V.I. Lenin Pedagogical University.

Scientific secretary of the Commission on the book culture history and complex study of a book, Academic Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “History of World Culture” (2002-2006), member of the Dissertation Committee on the historical sciences at the Institute of the History of Natural Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences (since 2006), member of the Dissertation Committee at the Russian State Library (since 2009), member of the National Union of Bibliophiles (since 2011), member of the Science Council at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (since 2014), member of Moscow City Book Publishing Council (Moscow City Government Decree (since 2014)).

Member of the editorial boards of the following journals: “Bibliotekovedenie” (since 2010), “Universitetskaya Kniga” (since 2006), “Pro Knigi” (since 2009), “Bibliographiya and Knigovedenie” (since 2015), “Observatoriya Kultury” (since 2015). Academic Advisor of the Journal “Istorik” (since 2015).

Author of 360 published works, including “Distribution and reader of the first printed books on the history of Russia (end of the XVII-XVIII)”. M 1998; “Russian reader in the second half of the XVIII century (according to the subscription lists)”. M., 2000; Simonov Ram Alexandrovich. Materials for biobibliography., 2009, “Printer’s workers and book lovers: essays on the Russian book history in the second half of XVIII century”. M., 2013: “About rare books and book monuments”. M., 2014.

A number of his articles have been published in Bulgaria, Great Britain, USA, Ukraine and Germany.

Hirsch index in Russian Science Citation Index: 10

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