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Young Adult Library and Problems of Youth Tolerance Formation

Author: Valiullina N., Director of the Republican Young Adult Library of Tatarstan, Candidate of Pedagogic sciences
E-mail: valiullinanr@mail.ru

Annotation: Article is devoted to activities of the Republican Young Adult Library of Tatarstan directed to education of tolerance of youth to individual, cultural and national distinctions of people. Here you can see the vivid examples illustrating mass design work the purpose of which is acquaintance of youth with multinational culture of Republic, familiarizing with values of tolerance. The special attention is paid to the co-projects with the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Tatarstan, the Tatar State Academic Theatre of G. Kamal, libraries of republics of the Volga region. These projects evoked a wide response of young people that intensified informative interest to literature and reading.

Key words: tolerance, international relations, the People of the Volga region, national culture, youth education, libraries, mass work with readers, library projects, attraction to reading, the Republican Young Adult Library of Tatarstan.


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