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Samara Regional Library for the Blind: Vector of Current Development


  • Klyuyashkina I., Head, Library of the Samara Institute of Management
    E-mail: bibl@samiu.ru
  • Tyugasheva V., Director of the Samara Regional Library for the Blind
    E-mail: samara.obs@mail.ru

Abstract: The article considers the history of the creation and establishment of libraries for the blind as the main library in the region, and also main functions of the organization of services of blind population of the city of Samara and the region. Inevitability of transformation of a role and functions of library for the blind in the social rehabilitation of disabled persons is shown. Particular attention is paid to a new type of service for users with application of information technology. The project activities of the library, aimed at realization of possibilities of blind and visually impaired users, their rehabilitation and social rehabilitation are described.

Keywords: regional library for the blind, history, functions, social rehabilitation, information technologies, blind users, «talking books», project activities, memory cards with cryptographic protection, web-site.

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