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Bibliotekovedenie 6'2012

Part I. Society — Culture — Library

1. The Annual Meeting of the Russian Federal and Central Regional Libraries’ Heads

  • Author: Ivanova E., Academic Secretary, Head of Department of Scientific and Methodological Activities, the Russian State Library, Candidate of Historical Sciences
  • Abstract: On the annual meeting of the Russian federal and central regional libraries of the Russian Federation held at the Russian state library, 23–24 October 2012.
  • Key words: Electronic Resource, Public Service, Federal Law  83, Acquisitions of Library Collection.
  • Summary in Russian

2. Speech at the Annual Meeting of the Russian Federal and Central Regional Libraries’ Heads

  • Author: Ivliev G., Special Correspondent, Publishing Department of Periodicals, the RSL
  • Abstract: On the problems and prospects of library collections digitization and searching understanding with copyright holders.
  • Key words: The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Copyright, Digital Media, Publishing.
  • Summary in Russian

3. Event Management in the Modern Library

  • Author: Smirnova A., Specialist, Research and Education Center «Civil Society and Social ommunications», the International Institute of Civil Service and Management, the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Abstract: In the article the author considering a library as an information and communicative institution capable of carrying out ones of the most significant functions in the contemporary society focuses on the national and foreign libraries’ using practice of event management under the influence of the mutually complementary tendencies such as worldwide informatization and cultural glocalization.
  • Key words: Library, Sociocultural Projecting, Event Management, Event Communication, Special Event, Sociocultural Sense Transmission, Cultural-Historical Tradition.
  • Summary in Russian

4. Standard as a Document Type

  • Author: Korovina N., Chief Librarian, Department of Official and Regulatory Publications, the Russian State Library
  • Abstract: The paper highlights the specific characteristics of the state standard as a kind of document (its definition, purpose, origin, design, content, identification, etc. ) that lead to the specific forms and methods of library and bibliographic work with him.
  • Key words: Document Type, Standard, State Standard, Normative Document
  • Summary in Russian

Part II. Informatization — Resources — Technologies

5. Library and Information Resources in Electronic Form in the Copyright Legislation

  • Author: Boikova O., Leading Researcher, Scientific and Research Department of Library Science,the Russian State Library, Legal Adviser on Civil Questions, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
  • Abstract: The issues of the users’ free access to the library national collections and to the copyright law creating objects are considered in the paper. Methodical recommendations for libraries in a current legislation context about copyright on acquisitions of library collection, creation of own library and information resources, use of library and information resources of other libraries and information centers, and also the electronic on-line resources available through local or telecommunication networks are made.
  • Key words: Library and Information Resources, Copyright Law, Civil Code of the Russian Federation
  • Summary in Russian


6. Electronic Documents and Libraries in Imprisonment Places of Russia: Problems with Access to Information

  • Author: Shoshin S., Associate Professor of the Criminal, Criminal and Executive Law and Criminology of N. G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State University, Candidate of Jurisprudence
  • Abstract: In modern Russian conditions the number of persons held in isolation from society, is about 1 million people. Persons serving a sentence of actual imprisonment upon conviction, shall have access to the values concentrated in the libraries. Users of library services in prisons can get the information for their self-education with the help of the Internet.
  • Key words: Library, Internet, Imprisonment Places, Convict, Inmate.
  • Summary in Russian

Part III. Book — Reading — Reader

7. Russian Book Market in 2012. Statistics for the First Half of the Year, Trends and Forecasts

  • Author: Solovieva E., Editor-in-Chief, the Journal «Book Industry», andidate of Philological Sciences
  • Abstract: The current level of industry-specific business activity and the indicators projected for 2012–2013 for the Russian book market activities are assessed in the paper. Also the author highlights the changes in the thematic structure of the book market with an indication of the leading brands of copyright and pricing policy. Particular attention is paid to the assessment of e-book sales in the context of B2C- and B2B-segments, the current infrastructure and the basic conditions for the development of the market of electronic books in Russia.
  • Key words: Book Market, Book, Publishing House, Book Trading, Bookstore, E-Book, Electronic and Library System
  • Summary in Russian

8. Educational Research and Methodological Literature and Its Role in Formation of Research Potential of the Russian Teacher (the second half of XIX — the beginning of the XX century)

  • Author: Goncharov M., Associate Professor, Pedagogy Department of the Moscow Pedagogical State University, Cand. Sc. Education
  • Abstract: The article deals with the process of formation and development of scientific-pedagogical and educational literature in the broad social and pedagogical context. The author provides an overview of the most famous and popular textbooks and manuals on the theory and history of education (from the Russian state library collections), which raise issues that are relevant and interesting for the modern teachers.
  • Key words: Pedagogy, Psychology, Teacher, Child, Teaching, Methodology, Training, Education, School, Self-Education, Morality, Thinking, Memory, Promotion, Punishment, School, Gymnasium, Seminary.
  • Summary in Russian


Part IV. Images — Faces — Destinies

9. Towards the Light of Distant Star. Virtual Meetings with Genrietta Derman (the 130th Birth Anniversary)

  • Author: Karatygina T., Professor, Department of Library Science, the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Doctor of Education
  • Abstract: The article dedicated to the 130th birth anniversary of Genrietta Derman (22/08/1882—15/01/1954), who was well-known library scientist, organizer of librarianship and the first director of the Moscow Library Institute. In article it is told about how her name which had been unfairly forgotten gradually began to occupy appropriate place in library world of our country. The roles of MGUKI and the author of the article in revival of this nice name is especially designated.
  • Key words: Genrietta Derman, Library Scientist, Organizer of Librarianship, First Director of the Moscow Library Institute, MGUKI, Victim of Stalinist Purges
  • Summary in Russian

10. Expert of Readers by Avocation (the Anniversary of V. Borodina)

  • Author: Kolesnikova M., Head, Department of Library Science and Theory of Reading, the
    St. -Petersburg State Culture and Arts University, EdD, Professor
  • Abstract: On the anniversary of V. Borodina, the famous scientist and teacher of high library school. The main stages of her life and professional career.
  • Key words: Psychology, Pedagogy, Education, Reading, Theory, Technology, Reading Personal Development
  • Summary in Russian

11. One More Name from the History of Ex-libris of the XXth century

  • Author: Bakumenko V. Journalist, Veteran of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, Vice-president of the Russian Ex-libris Association of the International Book Society
  • Abstract: The paper considers the creation of an outstanding artist Valentin Le Campion (Valentin Betta (1903–1952), born in Moscow). Having got a professional education during an era of brilliant Moscow school of graphics of the 1920th led by V. A. Favorskiy, Valentin Le Campion quite successfully realized his uncommon talent of the artist of the book and ex-libris in France during quarter of the century.
  • Key words: Illustrator, Book Graphics, Innovator, Engraved Bookplates, Ex-libris, Print, Engraving, Bibliophilic Rarities, Xylography.
  • Summary in Russian


Part V. International Content

12. United Nations Day in the Russian State Library

  • Author: Shandurenko G., Chief Librarian, Department of Official Publications, the Russian State Library
  • Abstract: On the meeting with representatives of the UN which has taken place on October 24, 2012 in the Center of the international organizations documents of the official publications department of the Russian state library.
  • Key words: International Communication, Sustainable Development, Environment, Forecasting, Ecological Stability.
  • Summary in Russian


13. From the History of the Creation and Development of the Slavic and East European Collection of the Yale University Library (from the beginning of the XXth century up to now)

  • Author: Lorkovic T., Curator of Slavic & East European Collection, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, New Haven, USA
  • Abstract: On the stages of creation of the Russian books collection (Slavic collection) of the Yale university library. The archival materials of the library are made public; sources of accessions to the collection are described in the paper.
  • Key words: Yale University, Sterling Memorial Library, Slavic Collection, Russian Literature, J. S. Smith, G. Vernadsky, A. Rannit, Accessions, Acquisition Source, Acquisitions Profile, Electronic Catalog
  • Summary in Russian


Part VI. Historical Practices and Reconstructions

14. Formation of System of Secular Schools Libraries of the Tobolsk Province (the end of XVIII — the first half of the XIX century)

  • Author: Sulimov V., Associate Professor, Department of Law and Social Science Teaching Methodology, the Tobolsk State Social and Pedagogical Academy named after D. I. Mendeleev, Candidate of Historical Sciences
    Fedotova D., Senior Laboratory Assistant, the Tobolsk Complex Scientific Station of UB RAS
  • Abstract: On the development of system of secular schools’ libraries of the Tobolsk province at the end of 18th — the first half of the 19th century, features of their formation are shown.
  • Key words: Library, Public School, Male Gymnasium, Secular School, Tobolsk Province, Educational Institution.
  • Summary in Russian


15. Library of the Perm State Pedagogical University: Turning the Pages of the Past

  • Author: Ragozina S., Deputy Director of the Fundamental Library of the Perm State Pedagogical University
  • Abstract: Analyzing the catalogues, memories and works of the graduates and teachers of the Perm educational institutes we can see that there are the same features in forming library funds of educational institutes in different provincial towns of the 19th century. The availability of library collections for the students is exposed at the example of the Perm Male Gymnasium and the Perm Theological Seminary.
  • Key words: Fundamental Library, Student Library, Perm City, Male Gymnasium, Theological Seminary, Revolutionary Groups, Library Collections, Private Book Collections, Service.
  • Summary in Russian


16. Importance of the Applications Register of the Officer Assembly of the Life-Guards Izmaylovsky Regiment for Improvement of Library Work

  • Author: Panchenko A., Head, Research, Editorial and Publishing Department of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School (Military Institute) of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Colonel, Candidate of History, Associate Professor
  • Abstract: All military assemblies established democratic regulations on use of their services, first of all for the use of libraries. There was an official document — the application register of the officer assembly which supervised different military assembly departments. The article is devoted to the history of the officer library organization and the analysis of the application register of the officer assembly of the Life-Guards Izmaylovsky regiment.
  • Key words: Military Assembly, Officer, Administrative Committee, Library, Regiment, Library, Catalogue, Application Register.
  • Summary in Russian


Part VII. Education — Profession

17. Ethical Aspects of the Publishing Activity of the University Library

  • Author: Ivanova A., Academic Secretary, the Fundamental Library of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
  • Abstract: On the history of creation of digital library of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. For the first time ethical aspects of university library activities on publication on the web site the results of intellectual works of teachers and students are considered.
  • Key words: Digital Library, University Library, Library Ethics, Education, the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • Summary in Russian


18. Who is a Young Librarian of the XXI century? Reflections on the Results of the Research of M. Zakharenko

  • Author: Matveeva E., Professor, the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
  • Abstract: The review of «Youth HR of Public Libraries of Russia: on the Materials of Empirical Sociological Research», representing attempt of carrying out complex, multidimensional research of young human resources of public libraries of Russia.
  • Key words: Information Technology, Image of Librarian, Library Staff, Youth, Llibrary Profession, Human Resources.
  • Summary in Russian


Part VIII. Facts — Events — Estimations

19. The Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair — 2012

  • Author: Amelina M., Editor, Printing and Publishing Department of Periodicals, the Russian State Library
  • Abstract: On the 6th Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, held on October 31 — November 2, 2012, the key theme of which was «The cultural development of the North». The Participation of the Russian State Library in the largest forum of publishers and book distributors is shown in the article.
  • Key words: Book Fair, Krasnoyarsk, Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, the RSL Periodicals
  • Summary in Russian


20. «The Club of Book Sensations» held the First Meeting with Readers

  • Author: Bushuev S., Chief Librarian, Scientific and Methodological Department, the Russian State Children’s Library
  • Abstract: On the meeting of the «Club of book sensations» held on 7 November 2012, the theme of which was the presentation of the supplement to the journal «Library and Information Science» («Bibliotekovedenije») — the yearbook «Book in the Space of Culture», published by the Russian State Library.
  • Key words: Club of Book Sensations, Yearbook, Book in the Space of Culture, Alexander I, the War of 1812, Rasputin, Memoirs, Falsification, Expertise, Bibliology.
  • Summary in Russian






















































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