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Bibliotekovedenie № 5'2014


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Cooperation of Libraries and Museums: Cultural Heritage and Meanings, Aimed at Future

Part 1. Library — Culture —Society

1. Museum of Book at the Russian State Library: Development of Idea and Contemporary Cultural-Informational Challenges

  • Author: Zolotova M., Head of Sector of Museum & Exhibition Work of Scientific Research Department of Rare Books (Museum of Book), the Russian State Library, Candidate of Historical Sciences
  • Abstract: In the article there is presented the history and objectives of creation of Museum of Book at the Russian State Library, the role of book expositions of museum type in the contemporary library life, and book as a text and book as a museum exhibit item in library.
  • Key words: Museum, Museum of Book, Library, Book, Exposition, Exhibiting, Exhibition, Book Treasures, Unique Items, Book Art, Collection of Non-book Materials.
  • Summary in Russian

2. Libraries and Publishers at the Moscow International Book Fair: Communications in the New Legal Environment

  • Author: Ryzhkova N., Editor of Editorial and Publishing Department of Periodicals, the Russian State Library
  • Abstract: There are presented the main events of the 27th Moscow International Book Fair, held on 3–7 September, 2014. The article describes participation of library representatives in the key branch events. There are demonstrated the development trends of contemporary library in the work with electronic publications. There are highlighted new legislative initiatives in the book and library industry.
  • Key words: 27th Moscow International Book Fair, «Best Professional Book of the Year» Competition, the Russian Library Association, the Russian State Library, Legal Deposit, Copyright, Digitization of Works, the National Electronic Library.
  • Summary in Russian

3. Cultural Odyssey. Reflections on Culture in General and on the Book Industry in Particular

  • Author: Esen’kin B., President of «BIBLIO-GLOBUS» Trading House, President of the Guild of Bibliophiles, Doctor of Economical Sciences, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor
  • Abstract: In the article there are presented the topical issues of development of book publishing industry in general and its branches — publishing companies and book trade — in the conditions of cultural and economic globalization: preservation of humanitarian environment, traditions, culture, literature, science and education; book publishing as the basis of social and economic welfare of state, cultural basis for accumulation and dissemination of knowledge; as well as there are described problems of formation of state policy in the field of culture and book industry, problems of self-regulation, ethical and legal relationships between members of book market.
  • Key words: Globalization, Culture, Socio-Cultural system, Humanitarian Environment, Spiritual Heritage, Innovative Capabilities, State Policy, Book Publishing Industry, Publishing Company, Bookstore, Book Distribution, Book Media-Cultural Centers, Information Security, Intellectual Property, Ethical and Legal Relationships, Industry Self-Regulation.
  • Summary in Russian

4. Declaration of Humanistic Principles in University Library Activities in Federal and Local Normative Acts

  • Author: Svergunova N., Director of the Scientific Library of the State University — Education-Science-Production Complex (Orel)
  • Abstract: The topical issues of activity of libraries of higher educational institutions in the conditions of transition to information society and reform of education system are considered. There are reflected special features of humanistic trend in libraries activity in the normative acts in the field of education and librarianship. There is highlighted that library experts focus attention on the need to define the mission of library based on the principles of humanism.
  • Key words: Libraries of Higher Educational Institutions, Humanistic Mission of Library, Social Mission of Library, Humanistic Principles, Normative Documents.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 2. Informatization — Resources — Technologies

5. Use of Internet Capabilities by Specialists of Libraries and Universities of Culture for Scientific Purposes

  • Author: Lavrik O., Deputy Director for Research of the State Public Scientific Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
  • Abstract: There are presented the results of express-survey of experts in the field of library science, bibliography science, bibliology and computer science, conducted to determine in what directions they use Internet technologies for scientific communication. There are obtained the following main conclusions: the use of all possibilities of Internet does not depend on the age or ability (or inability) to work with new communication technologies and resources, but does depend on scientific and economic feasibility, the availability of this or that technology or the required resource in a convenient form for work.
  • Key words: Internet, Scientific Communications, Specialists, Library Science, Bibliography Science, Bibliology, Computer science.
  • Summary in Russian

6. Problems of Semantic Integration of Library Data

  • Authors: Serebryakov V., Head of the Department of Dorodnicyn Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Moscow), Shorin O., Deputy Director for Informatization, the Russian National Library (St. Petersburg).
  • Abstract: The Russian State Library and the National Library of Russia launched a joint project aimed at publishing the library data of the libraries that are the members of the National Digital Library, in accordance with the principles of Linked Open Data. This project will provide access to bibliographic information stored in several of the largest libraries of Russia, in the form suitable for automatic processing. The data set consists of tens of millions of records. A number of urgent problems have to be solved during the process of semantic integration, such as the development of the domain ontology, the conversion of library data from various MARC-formats to RDF, publication of data and provision of SPARQL access points to the data. Public access to one of the world’s largest array of bibliographic information with the possibility to detect semantically related data will contribute to the development of culture as a whole and also of specific areas of publishing industry.
  • Key words: Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Bibliographic Record.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 3. Book — Reading — Reader

7. Hooked Notation Chant Manuscript Books in the Inventory of Trinity-Sergius Monastery of 1641

  • Author: Aleksandrina A., Researcher of the Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, the State Historical Museum
  • Abstract: In the earliest surviving Inventory records of Trinity-Sergius Monastery of 1641 there are identified notated chant manuscripts that recorded melodies with the help of special characters (hooks) written above the poetic texts of hymns. Special attention is given to the titles of chant notated books that were used for their description. Hooked notation chant manuscripts listed in the inventory of 1641 are identified with extant. There are used manuscript sources of the Russian State Library, Moscow Theological Academy and the Inventory of Trinity-Sergius Monastery of 1641, preserved in Sergiev Posad State history and art Museum-reserve.
  • Key words: Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Hooked Notation Chant Manuscripts, Inventory of 1641, Book of Sticheron, Irmologion
  • Summary in Russian

8. Mythologems in Advertising of Reading and Books

  • Author: Myamlina A., Postgraduate Student, Dnipropetrovsk National University (Ukraine)
  • Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem of increasing efficiency of commercial and social advertising messages on books and reading through the use of mythologems. In the paper there was taken an attempt to identify what particular mythologems are used in the advertising of books and reading.
  • Key words: Mythologem, Advertising Communications, Mythologems in Advertising, Promotion of Books and Reading, Increase of Efficiency of Advertising Message.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 4. Images — People — Destinies

9. V. Engelgardt and his Ex-librises in the Collection of «Rare Printed Books» of the State Memorial Museum of A. Suvorov

  • Author: Pravdin K., Custodian, the State Memorial Museum of A. Suvorov (St. Petersburg)
  • Abstract: The article identifies the problem of origin of a museum object; it is revealed by turning to the Collection «Rare Printed Editions» of Suvorov State Memorial Museum. The author presents the information on V. Engelgardt who is considered to be the founder of core collection of the museum — «Suvorov collection». The author pays special attention to ex-librises including earlier unknown ones, considered to be «the keys» to understand the history of existence. The article touches upon the question of «collectioner’s sign», attribution of book monument by means of ex-libris.
  • Key words: Museum Object, Origin, Book Monument, Collection, Ex-libris, Super Ex-libris, V. Engelhardt, Suvorov Museum, Collectioner’s sign, Attribution.
  • Summary in Russian

10. Partnership «R. Golike and A. Vilborg», the Supplier of the Imperial Court

  • Author: Moltchanova D., Bibliographer of the Information Resource Centre, British Higher School of Art and Design
  • Abstract: In 2013, in connection with celebration of 400th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, arose a new wave of interest to private life of the Royal family, including the question of formation of the Royal libraries. This article discusses the activities of Partnership «R. Golike and A. Vilborg», one of the most famous publishing houses of the end of XIX- beginning of XX century, supplying printed products to the Imperial Court. There are identified and analyzed the main types of publications, presented the excerpts from letters and other archival documents.
  • Key words: Roman R. Golike, Arthur I. Vilborg, Printing, Romanov Library, Supplier of the Imperial Court.
  • Summary in Russian

11. «Skvortzov Readings»: for the Anniversary of the Famous Library Scientist

  • Author: In’kova L., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • Abstract: The article presents an overview of presentations given at the section of General theoretical problems of librarianship and related sciences of XIX «Skvortsov Readings». The conference titled «Library and information activities in the modern system of information, document communications and culture» was held at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts on 23—24 April, 2014 — in the year of 75th anniversary of the famous library scientist V. Skvortsov.
  • Key words: Library and Information Science, Globalization, Communication, Education, Concept.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 5. International Content

12. IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2014

  • Author: Tikhonova L. Deputy Director General for Research and Publishing, the Russian State Library, Candidate of Philological Sciences
  • Abstract: On the 80th General Conference and Assembly of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions — the World Library and Information Congress devoted to the theme «Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge», held on 16—22 August, 2014 in Lyon.
  • Key words: Statistical Standards, Library Activities, IFLA, Electronic Network Resource, Legal Deposit, Collection Management.
  • Summary in Russian

13. Delegation of Israel Embassy at Pashkov House: Acquaintance with the Collection of Barons Ginzburg

  • Author: Babakhina N., Chief Editor of Websites Editorial Office, the Russian State Library
  • Abstract: On the recent visit of delegation of the Embassy of Israel in the Russian Federation to the Russian State Library, which purpose was to get acquainted with the Collection of Barons Ginzburg — a valuable collection of Jewish books and manuscripts, having status of book monument.
  • Key words: International Cooperation, Pashkov House, Collection of Rare Books, Incunabula, Jewish Manuscript.
  • Summary in Russian

14. Reform of the Slavic Collection of the U. S. Library of Congress in 1940—1957

  • Author: Pivovarov E., Senior Research Scientist, Sector of History of the Academy of Sciences and scientific institutions of the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of history of science and technology named after Vavilov, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences.
  • Abstract: The author gives an overview of reorganization of the Slavic Collection of the Library of Congress in 1941–1957. In that period its employees, being supported by both state authorities and private funds, established constant links with the Soviet book trade organizations, began to coordinate similar book exchange programs of other American research centers, developed the effective reference service. The largest Slavic collection outside Russia was created as a result of the reforms.
  • Key words: Library of Congress, Slavic Collection, book exchange, S. Yakobson.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 6. Historical Practices and Reconstructions

15. Fundamental Library of the Imperial Nicholas Military Academy

  • Author: Pantchenko A. Senior Research Scientist of the State Public Scientific Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor (Novosibirsk)
  • Abstract: The article is devoted to the history of foundation and development of the universal library of the Imperial Nicholas Military Academy in XIX — beginning of XX century, which in this year celebrated its 180 years. The Imperial Nicholas Military Academy in pre-revolutionary times was called «The Temple of Military Science». The work is a continuation of some journal publications on the history of the Russian army military libraries.
  • Key words: Military History, Imperial Nicholas Military Academy, S. Maslovsky, Library, Thematic Catalogue, Librarian (Director of Library), Rules, Students.
  • Summary in Russian

16. Libraries and Reading in the Women’s Institutes of Mariinsky Department (XVIII — beginning of XX century)

  • Author: Ponomareva V. Senior Research Scientist of the Historical Faculty, the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, Candidate of Historical Sciences
  • Abstract: The beginning of system of female education in Russia was laid in 1764 by Catherine the Great, who founded the first Institute for Noble Maidens. The task of the Institute education was training of future teachers, educated mothers, governesses. The article shows for the first time how in that institutions, earlier than in other educational schools, deliberately increased the status of reading: there were replenished libraries, subscribed magazines, developed the lists of educational materials and fiction. In Russia the reading as a form of intellectual entertainment, the book as means of self-education was an integral part of the everyday culture, as well as thanks to graduates from Institute for Noble Maidens.
  • Key words: Library, Book, Reading Culture, Female Education, Mariinsky Department, State Paternalism, Transmission of Culture.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 7. Education — Profession

17. Rating of Information-Library Specialists

  • Author: Stolyarov Y. Chief Researcher, Center for Research of Book Culture of «Nauka» Research and Publishing Center of RAS, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
  • Abstract: The article reveals the essence of the new system of evaluation of scientific productivity of information and library profile — science citation index and Hirsch index. These indicators are specified on the basis of official information with regard to the most successful scientific researchers of this profile.
  • Key words: Library Science, Information Science, Culture, Cultural Studies, Hirsch Index, Russian Science Citation Index, Efficiency of Scientific Activity.
  • Summary in Russian

18. Integration of Science and Practice (for the 10th Anniversary of the Department of Management of Information-Library Activities of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts)

  • Author: Kluyev V., Head of the Department of Library and Information Management, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
  • Abstract: The paper describes the activities of the Department since 2004, the significant events, reveals the basic principles of operation, presents academic staff, which results of work allow to students of the Institute of information communications and libraries of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts to obtain profiled management training, providing perspective and panoramic thinking, mobility and competitiveness at the sectoral and regional labour markets.
  • Key words: Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Teaching Activities, Knowledge Management, Management of Library and Information Activities, Management Program.
  • Summary in Russian

19. Documentary Approach in Library and Information Science

  • Author: Vokhrysheva M., Head of the Department of Documentation and Bibliography Science, Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
  • Abstract: Book review of E. Pleshkevitch «Documentary approach in library science and bibliography science: stages of formation and development».
  • Key words: Methodology, Documentary-Information Approach, Theoretical Library Science, Information Process.
  • Summary in Russian

Part 8. Facts — Events — Communications

20. View a Century Later (Review of the Exhibition at the Russian State Library, devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the Beginning of the World War I)

  • Authors: Verkholantseva T., Deputy Head of the Department of Official and Normative Editions, RSL,
    Kosolapova N., Chief Librarian of the Department of Official and Normative Editions, RSL
  • Abstract: In today’s unstable world, not excluding the rise of global world wars, there retains actuality of the objective reconstruction of the events of those years on the basis of reliable sources, among which is an official normative legal document. This particular type of official document was presented at the Exhibition «The World War I in official documents and materials: from the collections of the Department of official and normative editions of the Russian State Library», held in July-August, 2014 at RSL.
  • Key words: Exhibition Activity, Legal Document, the World War I, Foreign Policy, History, Rare Editions.
  • Summary in Russian

21. Session «Librarian of the Future» at the ll-Russian Youth Forum «Seliger-2014»

  • Author: Tchuvilsky A. Head of the Department of Multimedia Technologies, Nekrasov Central Universal Scientific Library (Moscow)
  • Abstract: On 3—10 August, 2014 in the framework of the All-Russian Youth Forum «Seliger-2014» at the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and under the auspices of the Section «Young in Librarianship» of the Russian Library Association there was for the first time organized the Session «Librarian of the future». The year 2014 became a landmark for young librarians, as the Session «Librarian of the future» for the ten-year history of «Seliger» Forum was held for the first time. The article describes the key objectives, events and acting persons of Session.
  • Key words: Youth Work, State Cultural Policy, Civil Position, Electronic Space.
  • Summary in Russian

22. On the Annual Meeting of Directors of Libraries for Children and Young Adults «New Children’s Library: Factors of Success»

  • Author: Yurmanova S., Head of the Research and Methodical Department, the Russian State Library for Children
  • Abstract: On the Annual meeting of Directors of children’s and youth libraries «New children’s library: factors of success», held at the Russian State Library for Children on 23—25 September, 2014.
  • Key words: Youth Work, Library for Children and Youth, National Electronic Library, School Education.
  • Summary in Russian
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