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Bibliotekovedenie 4'2013

 Part I. Society — Culture — Library

1. The All-Russian Library Congress: XVIII Annual Conference of the Russian Library Association

  • Author: Trushina I.A., Executive Secretary, the Russian Library Association; Head of Interlibrary Cooperation Department, the Russian National Library
  • Abstract: On the All-Russian Library Congress, held on 12-17 May in Penza, the Library Capital of Russia’2013, at support of the Regional Authorities and the Penza Regional Library named after M.Y. Lermontov.
  • Key words: The Russian Library Association, Social Institution, Public Law, Association of Libraries, Methodological Activity, Staff Renewal
  • Summary in Russian

2. Libraries and Publishers: Challenges, New Roles and Models of Interaction

  • Author: Nikonorova E.V., Head of Special Projects Directorate, the Russian State Library; Chairman of Book Publishing and Marketing Activities Section, the Russian Library Association; Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.
  • Abstract: On the Round Table devoted to the Theme: " Contemporary Book Environment. New Models of Interaction of Publisher — Book Retailer — Library in the Knowledge Society«, held in the Framework of the All-Russian Library Congress: XVIII Annual Conference of RLA.
  • Key words: Business Community, Information and Communication Technologies, Content Aggregator, Publishing Products, Development of Reading.
  • Summary in Russian

3. The Main Actualization Trends of Library Stock Accounting in the New Regulatory Document

  • Author: Khakhaleva N.I., Advisor to Director General, the Russian State Library; Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Abstract: There are presented Comments to «The Procedure of Accounting the Documents, belonging to the Library Stock», approved by the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation of 8 October, 2012,  1077. The attention is focused on New Terminology and New Provisions, included in this Document.
  • Key words: Library Stock Accounting, Electronic Library, Network Local Documents, Network Remote License Documents, Movable Valuables, Exchange Collection.
  • Summary in Russian

4. Information Functions and Humanistic Mission of the Russian Libraries

  • Author: Sokolov A.V., Professor, St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Abstract: In the context of Library Science there are considered the notions of «Information», «Information Function», «Humanistic Mission» and «Library Humanism».
  • Key words: Information, Informational Function, Library Humanism, Humanistic Mission.
  • Summary in Russian

Part II. Informatization — Resources — Technologies

5. 20 Years of the Crimea Conferences: the Example of Sustainable Development

  • Authors: Zemskov A.A., Chief Specialist, Advisor to General Director, The Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Shraiberg Y.L., General Director of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor.
  • Abstract: The Article briefly presented the history of formation, the main development trends and structure of the International Crimea Conferences. Organization of these conferences is one of the first examples of the public initiatives within the post-Soviet time. These Conferences play important role as a forum for professional exchange of ideas and the best practices of librarianship.
  • Key words: Crimea Conferences; Sustainable Growth; Best Practices.
  • Summary in Russian

6. The Main Development Trends of National Bibliography in the Russian Federation

  • Author: Levin G.L., Head of Sector, Scientific Research Division of Bibliography, the Russian State Library, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Abstract: The Article presents the Russian Development Model of the National (State) Bibliography. There is provided information on the «Program of Development of the Retrospective National Bibliography of the Russian Federation (up to 2010)» and the «Program of Development of the National Bibliography in the Russian Federation till 2020». There are introduced the Main Directions of Activities in this area of Bibliography at the Federal and Regional levels.
  • Key words: National Bibliography, State Bibliography, Bibliography in the Russian Federation, Retrospective Conversion, National Bibliographic Repertory, Current Bibliography, Retrospective Bibliography.
  • Summary in Russian

7. The Online Conference «The National Standard „Library Statistics. Indicators and Units of Accounting“: Discussion Conclusions»

  • Author: Maistrovitch T.V., Head of Sector, Scientific Research Division of Library Science, the Russian State Library, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Abstract: On the Online Conference «The National Standard „Library Statistics. Indicators and Units of Accounting“: Discussion Conclusions», held at the Russian State Library on 26 June, 2013 at the informational and organizational support of the Russian Association of Electronic Libraries.
  • Key words: Electronic Book, Electronic Library, Electronic Library System, International Standard, Library Stock, Scientific Bibliographic Work, Accounting Unit.
  • Summary in Russian

Part III. Book — Reading — Reader

8. Complicated Fate of Schneerson Collection

  • Author: Khvostova S.Y., Head of the Department of the Russian State Library in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.
  • Abstract: On the Opening of the Department of the Russian State Library in Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, as well as about the history of the Library of Schneerson family, which had become the center of the collection.
  • Key words: Religious Literature, Jewish Mysticism, Hasidic Edition, Nationalization of Libraries, the Center of Oriental literature, Schneerson Collection.
  • Summary in Russian

9. Operation of National Literature Libraries

  • Author: Tchadnova I.V., Leading Researcher, Scientific Research Department of the Library Science, the Russian State Library.
  • Abstract: There are presented the results of the analysis of condition and use of the collections of literature in the languages of nations of the Russian Federation in public libraries for the years 2006-2010. There are given specific characteristics of the notions: «National Book Publishing» and «National Literature». There is grounded the need for libraries to consider the specificity of settlement of various ethnic diasporas. The article presents the results of sociological research conducted by libraries for the recent time in order to identify the needs of these diasporas.
  • Key words: National Literature, Library Collections, National Book Publishing, Cultural and Language Diversity, Ethnic Diaspora.
  • Summary in Russian

Part IV. Images — Faces — Destinies

10. Vasily Alekseevich Bilbasov and his Work «Cyril and Methodius»

  • Author: Tchernykh E.A., Post Graduate, Department of History of Russia, Moscow State Pedagogical University.
  • Abstract: For the first time there is presented the significant value of the research work of the outstanding Russian historian V.A. Bilbasov, contributed to the revelation of the lesser-known pages of life and activities of Slavonic Apostles Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius. The article demonstrates the role of V.A. Bilbasov in publication of historical monuments connected to Cyril — Methodius problematics and his role in the development of slavistics not only in Russia, but also abroad. There is given the analysis of critical historical miscellanea collection of Latin monuments «Cyril and Methodius in historical documents», which was compiled by V.A. Bilbasov in 1868.
  • Key words: Slavistics, Slavonic Apostles, Cyril and Methodius, Pontiffs, Slavonic Written Language, Christianity, Slavdom, Miscellanea, Collection of Documents, Historical Documents, Latin Literary Monuments, Criticism, V.A. Bilbasov.
  • Summary in Russian

11. «The Foremost Jewel in the World». Books in the Life and Work of Andrei Timofeevich Bolotov

  • Authors: Plokhova M.G., Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Gontcharov M.A., Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Abstract: The article describes the beginning of life path of A.T. Bolotov, his education, upbringing, the formation of his philosophical and pedagogical views. There is given the holistic characteristic of his personality, his ideology system as a thinker and scholar. There are shown the criteria for creating A.T. Bolotov’s Collection.
  • Key words: Book, Russian Language, literature, Moral Ideal, Library, Collecting.
  • Summary in Russian

Part V. International Content

12. Correspondence of the Director of the Library of Congress with the President of the United States: on the History of Acquisition of the Collection of G.V. Yudin

  • Author: Harold Laikh, Expert on Russian Collections in the European Department, the Library of Congress, Master of Science, Master of Arts.
  • Abstract: The article presents the unpublished correspondence of October, 1906, between the Librarian of Congress and the President of the United States, where there are discussed the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring by the Library of the large personal library (81,000 volumes) of G.V. Yudin, Krasnoyarsk merchant. The article also presents the Memorandum from a previous Librarian of Congress, arguing strongly against the purchase of the collection.
  • Key words: Gennadii Vasil’evich Yudin, Herbert Putnam, Theodore Rossevelt, Library of Congress, Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Russian Collections at American Libraries.
  • Summary in Russian

13. Increase of Public Readership, Media and Information Literacy (Foreign Experience)

  • Author: Tchudinova V.P., Head of the Department of Sociological Studies, the Russian State Children’s Library, Associate Professor of Inter-Academic Scientific Research Center of Reading Study and Information Culture, the Moscow State Linguistic University, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Abstract: The article deals with one of the priority directions of the library and information activity — the development of children and adult library users’ Reading and Media and Information Literacy in foreign countries. There are described the approaches and objectives in the perspective of the development of level of education and culture of library users.
  • Key words: Public Library, Users, Adult, Children, Reading, Media, Reading Literacy, Media- and Information Literacy, On-line Resources.
  • Summary in Russian

Part VI. Historical Practices and Reconstructions

14. From the History of the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Our Saviour and Bethany and its Library (the End of XVIII — the Beginning of XIX Century)

  • Author: Pitchugin P.V., Head of the Information and Analytical Department of the Academic Institute of System-wide Social Studies of the Russian State Social University.
  • Abstract: The article is devoted to the history and development of the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Our Saviour and Bethany and its Library at the end of XVIII — beginning of XIX Century. In the work there are used the materials of the Scientific-Research Department of Manuscripts of the Russian State Library and other sources. They allow to make conclusions on the role of Seminary’s library in the history of national education of the XVIII century. Article is of interest for historians, specialists in library science and history of education.
  • Key words: Library, Ecclesiastic Seminaries, Bethany, History of Russia of the XVIII century, Enlightenment, Education.
  • Summary in Russian

15. The Military Libraries of the Far East in XIX — Early XX Century

  • Author: Zemlyansky I.A., Post Graduate, the Far East State University, (Vladivostok).
  • Abstract: The article is dedicated to the establishment of military libraries in the Far East, which were set up under the military unions, naval posts, fortresses and Cossack forces. The research work deals with the activity of military libraries as state cultural and educational organizations, aimed to satisfy the aspiration of both military and civilians for reading. The most progressive and forward-thinking military officials clearly realized that the successful assimilation of Far East Region of Russia can happen only at the conditions of cultural and educational development based on reading and studying book collections.
  • Key words: Library Science, Military Assembly, State Libraries, Cossack Libraries, Book Collection, Book Culture/Standards, Book Education, Naval Assembly.
  • Summary in Russian

Part VII. Education — Profession

16. Ecological Enlightenment: System Approach

  • Author: Kukatova G.I., Deputy Director for Library Work, Bryansk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after F.I. Tyutchev.
  • Abstract: The article is devoted to the problems of protection and rational use of natural resources of the Bryansk region, the environmental education of the population and propaganda of ecological knowledge and the activities of the regional libraries in this area.
  • Key words: Environmental Information, Information Ecological Center, Water Resources, Information Communications, Electronic Library of Dissertations of the Russian State Library.
  • Summary in Russian

17. Specific Features of Interaction in Library in the Terms of Expansion of Intercultural Communication

  • Author: Grabar N.G., Chief Bibliographer of the Research Library, Associate Professor of the Department of Culture of Kharkov State Technical University of Agriculture named after Petr Vasylenko, Candidate of Sciences (Social Communications).
  • Abstract: The article is devoted to the library communication in the conditions of expansion of intercultural communications. Communication is considered as the object of the intercultural communications.
  • Key words: Library, Communication, Intercultural Communication, Tolerance, Interaction.
  • Summary in Russian

18. Special Libraries in the Mirror of Memory

  • Author: Ageeva G.M., Associate Professor, the Department of Library and Information Resources of Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev, Candidate of Culturology.
  • Abstract: Review on the book of T.F.Karatygina, the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, is devoted to the reconstruction of the history and theoretical generalization of the operation of special (mainly research and technical) libraries of Russia, «the Special libraries at the background of the history of the country».
  • Key words: Personification of History, Fundamental Edition, the History of Special Libraries, Special Library Science, the History of Term, «Skolkovo» Innovative Center.
  • Summary in Russian

Part VIII. Facts — Events — Communications

19. «Books in Parks»: Reading Outdoors

  • Author: Kalinkina A.V., Editor of the Editorial-Publishing Department of Periodicals, the Russian State Library.
  • Abstract: On promotion of reading in the territory of Moscow and in libraries-reading areas, arranged for reading in the largest parks.
  • Key words: Information Literacy, Book Module, the Russian State Children’s Library, Bibliomobile.
  • Summary in Russian

20. XXI Macarius Readings at the Russian State Library

  • Author: Isatchenko T.A., Leading Researcher of the Scientific Research Department of Books and Reading, the Russian State Library, Doctor of Philological Sciences.
  • Abstract: On the Children’s Reading Conference «Saint Macarius and his Epoch» and the Jubilee Plenary Session of the Readings, devoted to the year of memory of the outstanding leader and enlightener Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow (450 years from the date of death), held on 25 June, 2013 at the Russian state library.
  • Key words: Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Apostleship, Cyrill and Methodius Readings, Slavonic Written Language, the Russian Statehood.
  • Summary in Russian
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