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Bibliotekovedenie 2'2014. Contents

  • Tabakov O. Theatre and Literature: Unique Images and Intonations

1. Library — Culture — Society

The 200-Year Anniversary of the National Library of Russia

  • Matveev M., Antonenko A. «Is opened for Public Use»: the National Library of Russia celebrated its Anniversary
The State and Book Publishing  
  • Meshcheryakova V. «Book and Reading in the Cultural Space of Russia»: Round Table in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Our Journal  
  • Soldatkina O. The New Time of Libraries. Meeting of the Editorial Council and the Editorial Board of the Journal «Bibliotekovedenie» («Library and Information Science»)
Topical Theme  
  • Sakharov N. Changes in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the New Opportunities for Library Users
Library: Theory and Methodology  
  • Pleshkevitch E. Methodological Problems of Identification of Document as an Object of Cognition (Part 2)
  • II International Bibliography Congress: Call for Participation
  • «InformKultura» Scientific and Information Center on Culture and Art in 2014

 2. Informatization — Resources — Technologies

Theatre Internet Project  
  • Skorokhodova P. «Heritage of the Arts Theater» is on Open Access
Resources and Technologies  
  • Boytchenko E. Formation of the Electronic Collection of Periodicals on Engineering and Agriculture in the Regional Libraries of Russia
Resources of Special Libraries  
  • Likhanos E. The Quality of the Relief-Dot Braille Printing Products: Substantive and Technical Aspects
  • The Twenty First International Conference «Crimea-2014»

3. Book — Reading — Reader

The Year of Culture in Russia: Theatre and Library  
  • Kolganova A. From the History of Holdings of the Russian State Art Library
To the 450-th Anniversary of the Great Playwright  
  • Dolgodrova T. The Early Illustrated Editions of W. Shakespeare in the Holdings of the Russian State Library
Homo Legens  
  • Podik I. Reading in the Ethnic Environment (at the Example of Republic of Tyva)
  • Kalinkina A. «The National Libraries of Russia» at the 17-th National Exhibition-Fair «Books of Russia»

4. Images — People — Destinies

The National Library of Russia in the years of Siege  
  • Mikheeva G. «Together we were named Leningrad...» (Employees of the National Library of Russia in the years of Siege of Leningrad)
  • Samarin A. B. F. Porshnev — the Scientific Consultant of the All-Union Library named after V. I. Lenin
The History of Book Publishing  
  • Kotchetkova N. Presentation of the Book of A.Y. Samarin «The Book Printers and Book Readers. Essays on the History of Book in Russia in the latter half of XVIII century»


5. International Content

Cultural Heritage  
  • Zarndt Fr., Geiger B., Pacy A., Boddie St. Crowdsourcing the World’s Cultural Heritage in Internet
IFLA News  
  • The European Union encourages the Licensing for Libraries in the Reform of Copyright Law 
IFLA Journal  
  • Abstracts of «IFLA Journal» 2014. Vol. 40.  1 [Translated by A. Zuev] 
Abroad: USA  
  • Polanka S. Opportunities and Risks of Using E-Books by the Libraries: Foreign Experience
Libraries and Ecology  
  • Kalinkina A. Libraries of Japan: the Experience in Working with People Affected by the Disaster


6. Historical Practices and Reconstructions

The Anniversary of the National Library of Russia

  • Matveev M. To the 200-Year Anniversary of Opening of the National Library of Russia (1814—2014)
Librarianship in Province  
  • Borovtsova A. The Sources for Study the History of Librarianship in Stavropol Province in the latter half of XIX — early XX century

7. Education — Profession

  • Potekhina N. «Your Library»: Professional Contest in the Astrakhan Oblast
  • Saprykin G. About the New Russian Coursebook «Library and Information Science» 


8. Facts — Events — Communications

The Cross-Year of Culture of Russia and Great Britain 

  • Kozlova E. The Exhibition «Books and E-Resources of Cambridge University Press in the Holdings of the Russian State Library» 
  • Dzhigo A. Development of the National Standard «Library Collection: Formation, Registration, Preservation» (Internet-Conference at the Russian State Library)
Serene Memory  
  • From the Golden Fund of the Russian State Library: Arnold M. Gorbunov (1926—2014) [Obituary]
Osetskaya N. Abstracts in English  134


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