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Digital catalogue

The Universal Digital Catalogue provides bibliographic records on all types of items, including articles, published in Russian and other languages in various media at different periods of times. You can search through the whole catalogue or limit your search to a specific constituent sub-catalogue or a particular e-reference source. Access to the Universal digital catalogue of RSL is open for free to all Internet users.

Digital library stock

Digital library stock

Digital library is a collection, containing originally digital documents as well as digital copies of rarities in demand stocked by RSL or received from external sources. By 2009 the digital stock volumed up to 400 thousand documents and is continuously growing.

The whole stock of the library is available in reading rooms in compliance with Part IV of The Civil Code of RF. To view open resources, please, use Acrobat Reader.

Long-distance web sources

Long-distance web sources
The computers of RSL provide on-line access to data bases of major information providers in Russia and abroad to the content of journals and magazines, newspapers, news feeds, TV and radio broadcasting, e-books, conferences, standards and to a range of bibliographic data bases.

Data Bases 'Information and Culture'

Data Bases 'Information and Culture'
The data bases of reference and bibliography, maintained since 1982, are unique for Russia. They contain descriptions of Russian and foreign books, articles from series' and miscellanies, non-published items and deposited researches in Russian culture and arts. By 2009 its volume reached over 250000 records and is increasing at the rate of 20000 records per year.

Bibliographic items

Bibliographic items Reference rooms provide access to themed digital reference sources in bibliography made up by R&D department of RSL. These comprise catalogues, registers, lists and guidances in card, printed and digital formats.
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